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Limewire Taps Ditto PR to Amplify AI Acquisition

Music technology pioneer Limewire has tapped Ditto PR to lead communications efforts for its acquisition of BlueWillow, a top AI image generating platform. 

Limewire is zeroing in on its focus on AI and the creator community, having recently launched the Limewire AI Studio. Its acquisition of BlueWillow furthers this mission significantly, thanks to both BlueWillow’s proprietary AI tools and its massive community of more than 2.3 million active members generating more than 500 million images in 2023. 

Prior to the acquisition announcement, Ditto met with the Limewire team to align on key objectives and targets for the news. Ditto moved quickly to develop a media strategy that would focus on how Limewire users will benefit from BlueWillow’s AI tools, and how BlueWillow’s fast-growing community will gain access to LimeWire’s AI Studio and creator platform.

Ditto’s senior-led team leveraged our extensive experience across AI, tech, business and finance verticals to secure coverage for Limewire in several outlets including TechCrunch, Yahoo! Finance, Axios, and Decrypt. This coverage put Limewire and BlueWillow’s shared vision to evolve the artist and creator economy on full display. 

Ditto is proud to partner with companies of all shapes and sizes exploring the artificial intelligence space, from edtech to finance to mindfulness and music. Take a look at some of our other work with AI companies here and here

If you’d like to work with Ditto’s smart, scrappy and results-driven team to build awareness for your AI company or initiative, we’d love to chat. Reach out to us

Navigating the Fast-Paced World of AI: Ditto PR's Expertise in AI Public Relations


In the rapidly evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI), public relations (PR) is a crucial element for gaining market share and breaking through the noise. If you're a founder or an in-house PR professional at an AI start-up, you need a trusted PR partner who can provide smart communications counsel and impactful media coverage. Ditto PR, with over 7 years of experience in AI public relations, is that partner.

Why Ditto PR is the Right Choice for AI Start-Ups

Our CEO, Trey Ditto, has been at the forefront of disruptive technologies, from crypto to fintech and now AI. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with working in fast-paced industries. Our clients look to us to leverage communications effectively to drive their business goals.

Our Impressive Portfolio

We've had the privilege of working with a wide range of AI start-ups, including Synapse.AI, Builder.AI, Kidgeni, Ogimi, Alchemie, and Vise AI, to name a few.

Business Proof Points

Acquisitions: 10 of our clients have been acquired for over $250 million.

Fundraising: 25 start-ups have raised over $500 million based on our PR efforts.

Media Results: Our clients have been featured in top-tier publications such as Fortune, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Axios, TechCrunch, and many more.

Strategic PR for AI Companies

1. Thought Leadership: We help position your executives as industry experts in start-up publications and mainstream media.

2. Media Relations: We know how to craft compelling narratives that garner attention in a crowded marketplace.

3. Investor Relations: Our expertise in start-up digital services includes crafting narratives that attract venture capital.


In industries that move as quickly as AI, you need a PR firm that can keep up. Ditto PR has the expertise, the track record, and the agility to help you navigate the complexities of AI communications and achieve your business goals.

Ready to take your AI start-up to the next level? Connect with Trey and Molly to start the conversation.

Trey Ditto

Trey Ditto

Trey brings over 20 years of experience to his namesake company. His career started at the Associated Press, before he moved on to political communications work in Texas. Trey went on to become the deputy press secretary for U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, handling local and national media and external relations on K-12 and higher education issues. Moving to New York, Trey quickly became trusted communications counsel to Fortune 100 companies, celebrities and film festivals, tech start-ups and entrepreneurs and companies.

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Molly Glennon

Molly Glennon

Molly Glennon is the Vice President and Head of Crypto at Ditto PR, where she’s focused on communications strategy and execution for the agency’s crypto and blockchain clients. Prior to joining Ditto in 2021, she was a Vice President at Transform PR, the crypto industry’s first dedicated PR firm. She’s worked with clients ranging from Layer 1 protocols to exchanges, NFT companies, and more. Earlier in her career, Molly worked in the TV news industry and in sports marketing & PR. She earned her BA in Journalism & Communications from the University of Washington. She is based in Nevada.

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Building Trust in AI: Lessons Start-ups Can Learn from Crypto's Missteps


In the rapidly evolving AI landscape, trust is not a luxury; it's a necessity. Founders and in-house PR professionals at AI start-ups face a unique challenge: to establish credibility in a market often marred by skepticism. With over 7 years of specialized experience in AI public relations, Ditto PR is uniquely positioned to guide you through this complex terrain. Our expertise extends beyond mere media relations to include thought leadership, stakeholder engagement, and crisis management. Trust us to be your comprehensive PR partner.

The Current Trust Deficit in AI

The AI industry is often viewed through a lens of suspicion, fueled by concerns about data privacy, ethical considerations, and potential job loss. This trust deficit can be a significant barrier to customer acquisition and investor relations. According to a PwC survey, only 25% of consumers fully trust AI-powered systems. This is not just a PR challenge; it's a business challenge that can impact your bottom line. A multi-layered PR strategy that includes thought leadership, stakeholder engagement, and transparent communication is essential for overcoming this hurdle.

Lessons from Crypto

The crypto industry serves as a cautionary tale for AI. Early crypto start-ups often failed to articulate their value propositions clearly, allowing bad actors and negative press to define the industry. According to a Deloitte survey, nearly 80% of early crypto start-ups failed due to a lack of user trust. The lesson for AI start-ups is clear: failure to communicate effectively can lead to a tarnished reputation. AI companies must make their technology relatable and understandable to avoid the pitfalls that plagued crypto.

Overcoming the Trust Challenge

Know Your Audience

Understanding your target audience's needs and concerns is the first step in crafting a compelling narrative. Audience segmentation, followed by tailored messaging for each segment, can be highly effective. For investors, the focus could be on ROI and scalability, while for consumers, the narrative could revolve around ease-of-use and data security. According to a Harvard Business Review study, tailored messaging can increase customer engagement by up to 20%.

Educate and Address Concerns

Transparency is key. Address issues like data privacy head-on and provide educational content that demystifies AI. Educational webinars, whitepapers, and op-eds in start-up publications can go a long way in establishing your brand as a thought leader. A recent Forbes article highlighted that companies providing educational content are 93% more likely to convert leads.

Leverage Media

Effective media coverage is about more than just visibility; it's about message amplification. We specialize in securing placements in high-impact outlets that not only boost visibility but also enhance credibility. Our media strategies are designed to position your start-up as an industry leader. According to a PRWeek survey, 89% of business leaders believe that media coverage is important for enhancing their corporate reputation.

The Role of Ditto PR

We've been a trusted partner in the AI space for over 7 years, advising a wide range of AI start-ups on how to communicate effectively to diverse external audiences. Our clients have benefited from our smart communications counsel, which extends beyond media relations to include investor relations and crisis management.

Business Proof Points

Acquisitions: 10 of our clients have been acquired for over $250 million, proving the effectiveness of our PR strategies.

Fundraising: 25 start-ups have raised over $500 million, thanks to our strategic PR efforts.

Media Results: Our clients have been featured in top-tier publications, reinforcing their market credibility and attracting new business opportunities.


In the fast-paced and often misunderstood world of AI, establishing trust is your ticket to success. Ditto PR has the expertise, the insights, and the track record to help you build that trust. Our multi-layered approach to PR ensures that you not only gain visibility but also establish credibility in a skeptical market.

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Elevating AI Start-ups: How Ditto PR is the Go-To Firm for AI Communications

Introduction: The AI Landscape and Ditto PR's Role

In an industry as dynamic and complex as AI, start-ups require more than just groundbreaking technology; they need a PR partner who comprehends the nuances of AI public relations. Ditto PR, a leader in AI communications for over 7 years, has recently expanded its client portfolio to include three innovative AI start-ups: Ogimi, Kidgeni, and Alchemie. This addition underscores our standing as the preferred PR firm for AI ventures, joining our existing clientele like Synapse.AI, Builder.AI, and Vise AI.

The Ditto Advantage: Why AI Innovators Trust Us

Navigating the AI sector presents unique hurdles, from standing out in a saturated market to effectively communicating the value proposition to stakeholders. Ditto PR has consistently demonstrated its prowess in these areas, offering a comprehensive range of start-up digital services. Our services go beyond traditional media relations to include content strategy, social media management, and investor relations, all designed to elevate brand visibility and attract crucial investments.

Spotlight on Our Newest Partners

Ogimi: Spearheaded by David Gull, Ogimi (Now Vital) is revolutionizing the guided meditation space with AI. Our multi-faceted approach for Ogimi encompasses content creation, media outreach, social media strategy, and event coordination.

Kidgeni: Founded by Matt Lock, Kidgeni aims to make AI accessible and exciting for children. Our tailored PR solutions for Kidgeni include brand positioning, media relations, and social media engagement.

Alchemie: Under the leadership of Julia Winter, Alchemie is utilizing AI to enhance visual learning experiences in educational materials. Our role involves content development, social media campaigns, and thought leadership initiatives for its founding team.

A Legacy of Success in AI

Our credibility in AI public relations is not just anecdotal but supported by compelling business metrics:

Acquisitions: Including our broader portfolio like Synapse.AI and Builder.AI, we've facilitated 10 acquisitions amounting to over $250 million.

 Fundraising: Our client base in the AI sector has collectively raised more than $500 million.

 Media Footprint: Our clients enjoy extensive media coverage in prestigious outlets such as Fortune, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal.

Client Testimonials: The Ditto Difference

David Gull, the visionary behind Ogimi, appreciates our in-depth industry knowledge.

"Ditto's strategic counsel is rooted in a profound understanding of the AI landscape, enabling us to align our PR efforts with our business objectives seamlessly."

Conclusion: Your Strategic Partner in AI Communications

Ditto PR transcends the role of a conventional PR agency. We serve as your strategic ally in communications, ensuring you not only gain market visibility but also establish credibility in a sector often marred by skepticism and misinformation.

How Ditto PR Amplified Vise AI's Market Presence

Vise AI

Fintech & Financial Services


With a Series A funding announcement already on its way, Vise was also on a mission to tell its teenage founder story in the AI / Financial industry aiming to disrupt a $85T market.

See Case Study

Introduction: The Convergence of Fintech and AI

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology, AI has emerged as a game-changer. Vise AI, a portfolio management platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, is one such disruptor aiming to redefine a staggering $85 trillion market. Partnering with Ditto PR since March 2020, Vise AI has successfully navigated the complexities of fintech public relations and AI communications to secure unprecedented media coverage and funding.

The Strategy: A Tailored Approach to PR

Ditto PR's relationship with Vise AI commenced with a Series A funding announcement, setting the stage for an aggressive PR campaign. Leveraging our extensive network in financial technology media and mainstream outlets, we orchestrated a results-driven campaign in collaboration with Vise's lead funding partner, Sequoia. The strategy extended beyond the funding news, positioning Vise's young co-founders as thought leaders in the fintech and AI sectors.

The Messaging: AI as an Enabler, Not a Disruptor

In an industry where AI and automation are often perceived as threats to employment, Ditto PR took a different tack. We strategically framed Vise AI's technology as a tool that empowers financial advisors to excel in their roles and expand their client base. This nuanced messaging resonated well, dispelling the notion of AI as a "job killer" and highlighting its potential to enhance business growth

The Results: Beyond Expectations

In just three months, Vise AI was featured in 18 high-profile publications, including Business Insider, Axios, CrunchBase, and The Wall Street Journal. Ten of these were tier-1 features, an achievement that Ditto CEO, Trey Ditto, described as "the most coverage for a Series A announcement to date." This media blitz not only put Vise AI on the map but also facilitated their Series B funding, attesting to the power of targeted AI public relations.

Our Expertise: A Legacy in Fintech and AI

Ditto PR's success with Vise AI is not an isolated case. We have been at the forefront of fintech public relations and AI communications for over 7 years, working with a diverse range of start-ups like Synapse.AI, Builder.AI, and Kidgeni. Our clients have collectively raised over $500 million in funding and have been the subject of acquisitions totaling over $250 million.

Conclusion: Your Strategic Partner in Fintech and AI

Navigating the intricate worlds of fintech and AI requires a PR partner with proven expertise and a track record of success. Ditto PR is that partner.

Top 5 AI Stories Ditto PR is Reading


As experts in AI public relations, we at Ditto PR are always keeping an eye on the latest trends and developments in the AI industry. We understand that staying updated is crucial for providing smart communications counsel and impactful media coverage. Here are the top 5 AI stories that caught our attention this week.

1. Tackling AI With AI May Not Be Ideal. Not Yet, at Least.

Source: []

The article discusses the challenges companies face in developing countermeasures for AI-generated content. As AI becomes more humanlike, the tools to monitor and control it are still in their infancy. This raises questions about the effectiveness of using AI to regulate AI, especially when the technology is still evolving.

2. Tackling AI Hallucinations: The Importance of Explainability in AI (XAI)

Source: []

This piece delves into the phenomenon of AI hallucinations, where AI models produce nonsensical answers while being confident about their accuracy. The article emphasizes the importance of explainability in AI to prevent such occurrences, a topic we often discuss with our AI start-up clients to ensure responsible AI communications.

3. The AI Revolution: How to Use AI to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Source: [Fitness Volt]

AI is not just for tech; it's making waves in the fitness industry too. This article talks about how AI-powered fitness apps and devices can help individuals achieve their fitness goals. It's a great example of how AI is becoming more integrated into various aspects of our lives, something we've observed in our 7+ years of working in AI public relations.

4. 86% of Organizations Using AI Agree on Need for Clear AI Guidelines

Source: [Security Magazine]

This article reveals that 86% of organizations using AI believe there is a critical need for clear guidelines for responsible AI use. This statistic underscores the importance of ethical considerations in AI development and deployment, a topic we often address when providing strategic media relations programs for our AI clients.

5. Google Unveils Enterprise AI Tools, New AI Chip

Source: [US News & World Report]

Google has announced a range of new AI tools and partnerships aimed at bringing AI technology to large businesses. This development is a testament to the growing adoption of AI in enterprise settings, a trend we've been closely following to provide the most up-to-date counsel to our AI start-up clients.


These stories offer a glimpse into the rapidly evolving world of AI. At Ditto PR, we have been at the forefront of AI public relations for over 7 years, working with a wide range of AI start-ups to leverage communications for business goals.

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