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Beyond Numbers: How Accounting Firms Can Communicate Their Expertise in Emerging Verticals like AI, Cannabis, and Cybersecurity


The emerging business verticals of AI, Cannabis, and Cybersecurity are not just technological or societal talking points; they are burgeoning fields that promise significant economic impact. For accounting firms looking to attract a more diverse and younger clientele, specializing in these areas can be a game-changer. However, breaking into these sectors requires more than just expertise—it requires effective communication. This blog delves into how accounting firms can communicate their specialization in these areas to attract new and younger clients.

The Challenge: Overcoming Stereotypes, Complexity, and Noise

Overcoming Industry Stereotypes

The accounting sector is often pigeonholed as traditional and risk-averse. To attract clients from emerging verticals, firms must shake off this image and communicate a more dynamic, forward-thinking persona.

Navigating Complexity

The sectors of AI, Cannabis, and Cybersecurity are highly complex and frequently changing. Translating this complexity into clear, relatable messages for prospective clients is crucial.

Cutting Through the Noise

Young entrepreneurs are bombarded with information and offers from various service providers. How do you make your accounting firm's specialized services stand out?

The Strategic Approach: Clarity, Engagement, and Thought Leadership

Speak Their Language

To connect with younger clients, replace jargon with clear, relatable language. Use real-world examples and case studies to elucidate how your accounting services can solve their specific problems.

Engage Through Multiple Channels

From LinkedIn articles and Twitter updates to webinars and podcasts, utilize various platforms to reach your target audience. Each channel offers a different way to engage and can be tailored to suit the complexities of each sector.

Become a Thought Leader

Share insights, comment on industry trends, and offer valuable advice through blogs, whitepapers, or even short video clips. By consistently providing valuable information, you become a go-to resource.

Desired Results: A Diversified Client Base, Enhanced Brand Perception, and Business Growth

A Diversified Client Base

Effectively communicating your expertise in these emerging sectors will attract a broader, younger client base, which is vital for business sustainability.

Enhanced Brand Perception

By being vocal and informative about your specialized services, you shift the market perception of your firm from a traditional accounting practice to an industry-specialized advisor.

Business Growth

Clear, effective communication not only brings in new clients but also helps in retaining them. This contributes to the long-term growth and profitability of your firm.


For accounting firms, venturing into emerging business verticals like AI, Cannabis, and Cybersecurity offers tremendous opportunities for growth. However, the real key to unlocking this potential lies in how well you communicate your specialized expertise. By adopting a strategic approach to communication—focused on clarity, multi-channel engagement, and thought leadership—you can attract a younger, more diverse client base and position your firm for future success.

Professional Services Case Studies

Abrams Fensterman

Professional Services

Media Relations

A parity law partner aspired to be a tier 1 media thought leader in the mental health and legal sectors, while providing outlets with educational content around national crises.

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Argo Group

Capabilities , Professional Services


As an insurer, Argo was seamlessly able to handle their clients’ digital and online requests and to bring their staff of over 1500 completely remote in the wake of Covid-19. Argo continued to grow and had a powerful story to tell about recruitment and the digital transformation in insurance.

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Professional Services


Stax is a mid-sized global strategy consultancy providing clients with actionable answers based on deep research, analysis, and insight. Stax wanted to increase exposure and awareness of the company but was dedicating all available internal resources to scaling the business and didn’t have the capacity to take on marketing communications in-house.

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Pioneering Practice: How Law Firms Can Effectively Communicate Their Expertise in Emerging Sectors like AI, Cannabis, and Cybersecurity


In an era where emerging industries like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cannabis, and Cybersecurity are constantly in the spotlight, legal guidance in these sectors is more sought-after than ever. As these fields grow, they present unique regulatory challenges that demand specialized legal expertise. For law firms, this represents an unparalleled opportunity to attract new, forward-thinking clientele. But the real challenge lies in effectively communicating this expertise to a market that is as innovative as it is demanding. Here's how to achieve that.

The Challenge: Dispelling Myths, Navigating Complexities, and Differentiation

The Stereotype Barrier

Law firms often grapple with stereotypes of being conservative and resistant to change. Shattering this image is crucial to appealing to clients in cutting-edge industries.

Complexity and Specificity

AI, Cannabis, and Cybersecurity come with their own intricate sets of rules and regulations. Conveying your expertise in these complex areas in a digestible way is essential.

Differentiating Your Firm

In a crowded marketplace where many firms may offer services in hot sectors, standing out becomes a significant challenge.

The Strategic Approach: Tailored Messaging, Content Strategy, and Client Engagement

Tailor Your Messaging

Generic marketing messages will fall flat. Create highly tailored messaging that speaks to the specific needs and pain points of each emerging sector you serve.

Implement a Robust Content Strategy

Blogs, whitepapers, webinars, and even social media posts can serve as platforms to demonstrate your specialized knowledge. Aim for a mix of content that is informative, relevant, and timely.

Engage Directly With Potential Clients

Consider organizing sector-specific seminars, Q&A sessions, or virtual meetups. Direct engagement not only establishes authority but also provides real-time insights into prospective clients' concerns.

Desired Results: Expanded Clientele, Strong Brand Positioning, and Long-Term Viability

Expanded Clientele

Effective communication about your firm's capabilities in these emerging sectors will attract a younger, tech-savvy, and diversified client base.

Strong Brand Positioning

As you successfully communicate your expertise, you'll be positioned as a forward-thinking firm that's capable of navigating the complexities of today's most dynamic sectors.

Long-Term Viability

Tapping into emerging sectors early and establishing a reputation for expertise will ensure your firm’s long-term relevance and profitability.


Emerging sectors like AI, Cannabis, and Cybersecurity offer significant opportunities for legal professionals, but capitalizing on these opportunities requires more than mere expertise—it requires effective communication. By adopting a tailored approach to messaging, implementing a strategic content mix, and engaging directly with potential clients, law firms can differentiate themselves and become the go-to experts in these exciting new fields. The result is a diversified client base, a robust brand identity, and a roadmap for sustainable success.

Our Senior Team of Experts

Doug Hesney

Doug Hesney

Doug is Ditto's Chief of Staff, joining the company after serving as Executive Vice President at Makovsky and leading their Financial and Professional Services practice. Prior to that, he was an Executive Vice President at Dukas Linden Public Relations, where he led the firm’s Asset Management practice. While at DLPR, Doug was responsible for designing strategic communications programs for the firm’s asset management clients and related service providers. He also designed the DLPR’s analytics and measurement programs, and led business development efforts for his practice.

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Shenetta Johnson

Shenetta Johnson

Shenetta has nearly 15 years of PR agency experience in the retail, CPG, food, auto and financial services industries. She is considered a PR “hybrid” due to her extensive knowledge across a variety of consumer, corporate and influencer-focused programs.

Prior to joining Ditto, Shenetta oversaw senior client communications, influencer and celebrity brand partnerships, executive media training, brand reputation and issues and crisis management mitigation across multi-million dollar accounts at a top global PR firm. She also spearheaded the creation of a risk strategy evaluation process in order to accurately assess potential crises that could arise during a consumer program launch or media event.

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Trey Ditto

Trey Ditto

Trey brings over 20 years of experience to his namesake company. His career started at the Associated Press, before he moved on to political communications work in Texas. Trey went on to become the deputy press secretary for U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, handling local and national media and external relations on K-12 and higher education issues. Moving to New York, Trey quickly became trusted communications counsel to Fortune 100 companies, celebrities and film festivals, tech start-ups and entrepreneurs and companies.

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Leveraging Expertise: How Professional Services Firms Can Utilize Subject Matter Experts to Engage Gen Z


As the generational torch is passed to Gen Z—a cohort characterized by its digital nativity and heightened social awareness—professional services firms face a unique challenge and opportunity. Understanding and addressing the concerns that matter to this younger demographic is crucial for business growth and sustainability. The key? Leveraging your in-house subject matter experts to communicate relevant expertise. 

The Challenge: Relevance, Authenticity, and Information Overload

Relevance Gap

What was relevant to older generations may not resonate with Gen Z. Businesses need to understand and engage with topics that matter to this younger demographic.

Authenticity Crunch

Gen Z places a high value on authenticity and is quick to filter out marketing gimmicks. They are more likely to trust experts over branded messages.

Information Overload

This generation grew up with the internet; they have limitless information at their fingertips. Standing out in this sea of data is a significant challenge.

The Strategic Approach: Personalized Communication, Thought Leadership, and Multi-Channel Presence

Personalized Communication

Subject matter experts should focus on personalized, tailored messages. Whether it's through blog posts, podcasts, or webinars, the content should feel like a one-to-one conversation with the audience.

Thought Leadership

Encourage your experts to publish articles, research findings, or opinion pieces in reputed platforms. This not only boosts your firm’s credibility but also provides real value to the audience.

Multi-Channel Presence

Gen Z consumes content differently. Some might prefer Instagram quick tips, while others want in-depth LinkedIn articles. Utilize your experts across multiple channels to reach this diverse audience.

Desired Results: Engagement, Trust, and Long-Term Client Relationships

Increased Engagement

When experts speak on topics that matter, you'll see increased engagement in the form of likes, shares, and meaningful discussions, signaling a deeper connection with the Gen Z audience.

Building Trust

Subject matter experts, by virtue of their expertise, build trust. When they communicate effectively, they transform this trust into brand loyalty.

Long-Term Client Relationships

Engaging and building trust with Gen Z now will lead to more sustained client relationships as they grow in their professional lives.


Capturing the attention of Gen Z is not about changing who you are but effectively communicating what you know. By leveraging your subject matter experts to speak authentically on relevant topics, you create an environment that fosters engagement and trust. This approach not only makes your firm appealing to a younger audience but also sets the stage for long-term success in an ever-changing business landscape.

Featured Case Studies

The Via Agency

Professional Services

Media Relations

The VIA Agency is a creative advertising firm located in Portland, ME. The agency had introduced several new campaigns for its clients as well as added Golden Corral and Three Olives to its diverse body of work.

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Edge Collective

Professional Services


Edge Collective was a creative agency based in New York City, a self-described competitor brand in the advertising space, looking to differentiate itself in the Ad agency space and be an industry thought leader.

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