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Content at Ditto

Project Overview

Opinion pieces provide a short-term awareness boost for a brand, but they can continually be used for company messaging as well as on social media. Here are three companies that benefited from Ditto’s Content offerings: Anatha: A growing set of decentralized apps Algorand: A layer-1 blockchain Rock: An all-in-one work app Each company, at different stages of their respective journeys, needed Ditto to increase awareness and visibility. Each needed a cohesive voice and continuous attention in the media, whether in print, on social media or broadcast, as well as through well written published content.

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Ditto’s content team got a good understanding of each company and its business goals as well as the space they each occupy. Ditto leveraged its expertise in op-ed writing to see what each company’s competitors and peers were writing about, and identifying topics our clients could write about to further the conversation.

To create an op-ed, Ditto’s content team leverages company assets such as vision and mission statements, and past social media posts and blog content. The content team holds 30-minute phone calls with each company’s subject matter experts to get their unique perspective on the topics at hand. For blog posts, the team suggests ideas for posts and writes them with minimal input from the client.

Op-eds and blog posts are turned around in a matter of weeks at most, then sent to the client for feedback and revisions. Once approved, they’re either ready for publication on a company blog or social media, or pitched out to editors at publications.

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Anatha, a set of decentralized apps, had little visibility in the public. Anatha’s founder, Ed DeLeon, worked with Ditto’s content team to leverage his outside-the-box insights around crypto and the finance world at large to start building his presence.

The blog posts created from Ed’s perspectives were posted on his Medium page, which increased his profile on the site, while op-eds written on his behalf were successfully placed in NASDAQ, BuiltIn and Cointelegraph. These published pieces helped open the door for Ed to be featured as a guest on NASDAQ and The Blockchain Show, and provide expert commentary for Roll Call.

Blog content was also leveraged to mark Anatha’s expansion into the NFT space. These posts highlighted the work of digital artists, opening the door for future collaborations.

Takeaway: Bold POV from a relatively unknown CEO can be turned into published op-eds that open the door for further media opportunities.

Number of pieces created: 5 op-eds, 16 blog posts, 4 pieces of commentary (25 total)


As a growing layer-1 blockchain, Algorand needed the help of Ditto’s Content team to provide insightful blog posts both on its accomplishments and its ecosystem partners, which includes decentralized finance, non-fungible token (NFT), and Web3 gaming projects.

In coordination with Algorand’s marketing team, Ditto’s Content team has written project roundup blog posts, Q&As and event recaps to supply the blockchain’s audience with exciting and informative content on its Medium page. These posts receive positive feedback from community members and help engage both ecosystem partners and users.

Ditto and Algorand have worked together to identify posts with the potential to be published by external publications, leading to op-eds being successfully placed on CoinDesk, NASDAQ and BeInCrypto, furthering Algorand’s media reach.

A large priority for Algorand is content around its yearly event Decipher. These posts help build awareness and engagement before, during and after the event.

Takeaway: Algorand has many ecosystem partners, and by working with Ditto, more of their stories can be told. This generates goodwill and good content that can be used in media pitches and on social media. Meanwhile, outsourcing content needs around a large event takes pressure off a company before, during and after the event. The content created around a conference can be leveraged for blog posts, for media outreach and promotion of next year’s event.

Number of pieces created: 4 op-eds, 5 listicles, 2 Q&As, 4 event posts, 27 blogs (42 total)


Up-and-coming all-in-one work app Rock needed a boost in visibility after the company raised seed funding. Kenzo Fong, Rock’s founder, had a unique and interesting story to tell: he built the company while driving across the country in his van. The Ditto team created a byline highlighting Kenzo’s philosophy on asynchronous work and ultimately secured its publication in Fast Company.

Leveraging the website’s large viewership, Ditto used the byline to secure more top-tier media coverage around Kenzo and his van, as well as Rock and asynchronous work. These included Forbes, Fast Company’s The New Way We Work podcast and protocol

Takeaway: Strong content from a CEO published in a tier-one outlet can sustain and help secure further media opportunities without any news or product updates. The published byline helped Ditto pitch Kenzo as a thought leader and opened up many opportunities for him and his company.

Number of pieces created: 1 op-ed, 2 pieces of commentary

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