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We become experts in your industry to deliver the results you need

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Company Culture

We've assembled a group of like-minded professional with the right attitudes and behaviors to cultivate a workplace where we enjoy coming to work that we like and learn from each other, and clients respect us.

We work harder, faster and smarter. We do things now, not later. While we work fast, we still deliver high quality work both to clients and internally for the agency. We are collaborative but have personal accountability. We take pride in our work.

Office and team cohesion are some of the most important aspects of Team Ditto. A fun place to work creates positive vibes, stokes creativity, and boosts energy.

We don't take ourselves too seriously in the office. We have a sense of humor. We like to laugh. We don't let stress put us in a bad mood. Instead, we use it as a reason to blow off steam, have fun, and relax! The company has a culture plan, which includes ongoing in-office activities, as well as outings, ranging from volunteer work to happy hours to sporting events.

Strong Client Relations

Clients like us personally and professionally

Client Industry Experts

We immerse ourselves in a client's industry and know more than them about

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Big, Impactful Results

We specialize in tier one coverage, month-over-month

Creative, Bigger, Smarter Thinkers

We always send new ideas to our clients

Case Studies

Our Process

Step 1


We become experts in your industry. We start with a dive deep and ask questions until we fully understand who you are, what you do, and why you exist. We analyze your competitors and the media landscape. Who’s covering the industry? What are they saying? Where is the opportunity to break through? We keep digging until we find these answers.

Step 2

Strategy and Planning

We create a specific, measurable and attainable plan. Based on everything we learn in the research phase, aligned with your business goals, we develop a strategy that will guide our process. We don’t do PR for PR’s sake. Instead, we execute PR campaigns that will have a measurable impact on your business. We aim to clearly communicate why your company matters to your key audiences. 

Step 3

Communication and Relationship-Building

Communication is the foundation of a solid PR strategy, and the way to build strong, lasting relationships. It’s also a two-way street: whether we’re communicating with you, your partners,  reporters, social influencers, etc, we believe in not just speaking, but also listening. We don’t just send out information and news in a vacuum. We pay close attention to what others are saying, so that we can tailor our messages and approach as needed. We value relationships, and believe that strong, honest and authentic communication is what fuels them.

Step 4

Evaluation and Iteration

The evaluation phase focuses on your campaign results. At the end of every campaign, we’ll assess how we performed, based on the goals we set in our plans. Each month or quarter may have a different focus or priority, which will drive how we measure success. After reviewing our outcomes against the metrics we set together, we will also reflect on the process to uncover ways to optimize. The iteration or fine-tuning of our approach is key to our constant improvement, and allows us to deliver more impact every time. 


Team Members


Time Zones


Combined Years Experience

Featured Team Members

Trey Ditto

Trey Ditto

Trey brings over 20 years of experience to his namesake company. His career started at the Associated Press, before he moved on to political communications work in Texas. Trey went on to become the deputy press secretary for U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, handling local and national media and external relations on K-12 and higher education issues. Moving to New York, Trey quickly became trusted communications counsel to Fortune 100 companies, celebrities and film festivals, tech start-ups and entrepreneurs and companies.

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Kendall Clark

Kendall Clark

A PR maven with a love for making ideas come to life and a knack for creative problem-solving. Kendall has worked with clients across emerging tech, professional services, and non-profits to tell compelling stories, create strategies and pivot when necessary, write all types of content from op-eds to internal comms pieces all while building meaningful relationships with media and being a strategic partner for clients to lean on and collaborate with. Not losing sight of her core PR skills, Kendall works closely with the leadership team to build and develop Ditto's strategy while helping the company grow its capabilities and team of amazing professionals.

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Margaret Huang

Margaret Huang

With 20 plus years of communications experience at leading public relations agencies, in-house at innovative tech startups, and as a freelance consultant, Margaret has mastered the art and science of PR. She has worked at top global firms like Weber Shandwick and Ketchum, as well as scrappy tech boutiques (which grew into recognized, respected brands) like NRW and Atomic, where she built the consumer tech practice.

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Milvian Prieto

Milvian Prieto

Milvian has a passion for consumer technology. She focuses on various media relations initiatives and has led announcements ranging from funding to product launches on a national and local level. Prior to joining the team, Milvian started her career at RG Narrative, where she focused on PR initiatives and content creation for clients in the consumer, lifestyle and higher education space.

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