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Project Overview

Kidgeni is an educational platform that introduces children to the world of artificial intelligence (AI) through interactive experiences and creative learning opportunities. With a mission to inspire curiosity and foster digital literacy among young learners, Kidgeni is at the forefront of innovative AI tech solutions.

AI Media Relations AI Social & Digital Strategy AI Public Relations


Seeking to amplify its brand presence and promote its unique educational offerings, Kidgeni engaged the Ditto Team to develop and execute a strategic communication plan to elevate the brand’s presence. Key objectives included securing media coverage, cultivating relationships with reporters, and enhancing social media engagement to drive awareness and engagement with the Kidgeni platform.


Ditto Team collaborated closely with Kidgeni to develop a comprehensive strategy and messaging framework. This included crafting messaging documents and media materials tailored to highlight Kidgeni's innovative approach to AI education. 

Drawing on its expertise in media relations, Ditto Team facilitated impactful coverage for Kidgeni across reputable outlets such as Axios and Nasdaq. By cultivating relationships with top-tier reporters covering topics relevant to Kidgeni's mission, Ditto Team ensured consistent visibility and positive media exposure for the platform.

Ditto Team also developed a social media strategy with Kidgeni, leveraging platforms like Instagram to engage with parents, educators, and learners. Through creative content ideas and competitor analysis, Kidgeni's social media presence was elevated by 50% growth in followers and 44% increase in reach, fostering meaningful interactions and driving interest in the platform's offerings.


Through strategic communication efforts, Kidgeni successfully elevated its brand presence. With media coverage secured and social media engagement on the rise, Kidgeni is well-positioned to provide AI resources for parents and educators to inspire young minds and drive positive impact in the realm of digital education.

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