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Project Overview

LimeWire - best known for being a peer-to-peer music trading platform - had pivoted to become an AI platform to create, share and own digital content.

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LimeWire had acquired an AI content generation platform, which, in theory, should make them a serious player in vertical. The challenge was to position LimeWire as an AI content generation platform and differentiate it from competitors because it allowed ownership for content creators. 


LimeWire, originally known for music sharing, has shifted its focus to an AI platform for content creators. They acquired BlueWillow, an AI content generation platform, potentially positioning them strongly in the AI field. Ditto met with LimeWire to understand the acquisition and how LimeWire stands out from competitors like Midjourney.

Ditto aimed to elevate the LimeWire brand as a top AI content generation platform and stress the ownership aspect for creators. 

Ditto’s strategic media strategy and path to success included 3-4 distinct narratives to engage AI, tech, and business reporters, going beyond the acquisition and not focusing on Web3 as LimeWire had previously done with past announcements.



Ditto secured 1 National broadcast hit, 25 Pieces of coverage, and 6 Tech & Mainstream pieces of coverage for the announcement to include: TechCrunch, Axios, Yahoo! Finance, The Neuron, Ben’s Bites, CNBC, and Protocol.

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