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Project Overview

In 2021 Unbabel sought to establish brand awareness and credibility amongst key audiences of CS/CX leaders, AI enthusiasts and Mainstream Consumers in top verticals. The Ditto team laid out a strategy to establish Unbabel as a brand name in tech and business, and the pioneer of LangOps as a market category. The team's approach included positioning Unbabel as an expert source in topics related to AI, translation, machine learning, digital transformation, globalization, localization, and linguistics. Other verticals included raising awareness about the role of Unbabel in the AI world and promoting its contribution to the academic community and exploring industry challenges and trends regarding the machine translation domain as well as sharing client success cases.

AI Messaging & Positioning AI Media Relations AI Executive Positioning


The Ditto team first identified the right opportunities to create Unbabel as an expert across all verticals (ie: customer service, translation, AI, globalization, transformation).

We built strong relationships with the media on behalf of Unbabel's spokespeople and leadership. 

The team developed a content strategy to educate media that highlighted Unbabel’s value proposition, market opportunity and pioneering innovation. This was approach was balanced with highlighting the human interest, success studies angle as a results of the research-driven and AI innovation side.

Ditto created and followed an announcement product roadmap in conjunction with timed media moments such as AI and Remote Work and AI and Virtual Reality (2021) to place Unbabel in the mainstream media and bolstered presence with award submissions.


Ditto secured top tier coverage and established Unbabel as a thought leader in the burgeoning AI sector.

Unbabel is on Inc.'s Regionals 2023: Pacific list!

Unbabel: Translation technology firm that blends advanced artificial intelligence with humans in the loop for fast, efficient, high-quality translations.


Unbabel acquires Lingo24 to bolster AI-driven translations for enterprises

Unbabel, a startup delivering AI-driven translations, today announced the decision to acquire Lingo24, a UK-based language service provider.

Fast Company

How AI translation could unseat English as the lingua franca of the business world

Technology can help us overcome language inequities around the globe by helping everyone access information in their native language.


AI-powered contact centers: The next wave of globalization

Providing global customer service is a necessity for large enterprises. But what if your contact center doesn't speak your customer’s language?

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