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What is a Values-First Approach to Conscious Work?

How We Hire

Attracting the Best

We maintain a high bar for new talent, and candidates must meet a host of criteria (in addition to being qualified for the role). We believe in hiring the right people the first time, because bad hires can be detrimental to the team and clients.

Unanimous Decision

Ditto conducts one-time group interviews where we focus the conversation around a very specific group of PR and Digital categories to measure a candidate’s past experience and qualification for the role. The entire team must unanimously approve of a candidate for them to move to the writing test. This focus and decision-making approach eliminates a lot of the human error that comes with interviewing and ensures we hire the highest quality candidates.

Kind. Hard-Working. Talented.

To work at Ditto, candidates must have these three qualities.

  • We hire people that are kind, positive and uplifting. These are qualities Ditto has fostered since Day One.

  • We hire people that are willing to work hard. And part of working hard is working smart.

  • We hire people that are talented, know they have room to grow and are eager to tap into more of their potential.

Organized. Thoughtful. Nimble.

To succeed at Ditto,

  • The ability to be—and stay—organized is an important skill for people looking to work here. Accounts are big, there are lots of PR components and things move quickly.

  • You must be thoughtful, meaning you take the time to think about everything. From how and when to respond to a client to diffusing a conflict, we take time to think before we act or speak.

  • Work isn’t linear. It zig zags, meaning the most successful people are able to pivot and move quickly when the opportunity strikes.

The Ditto Culture

Ditto was founded in Brooklyn over a decade ago with a mission of building a better PR agency. We believe in a collaborative team environment, impactful results, and true partnership with our clients. 

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