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What is a Values-First Approach to Conscious Work?

Active Mentorship

Everyone at Ditto should have a mentor who provides insight, advice, and guidance. They should be curious and interested in your well-being and growth. They should be someone you feel comfortable being honest with about how you are doing personally and professionally.

Personal Development Accountability

Everyone should be growing and improving professionally. Growth could be anything from learning a new PR skill to better time management. A mentor's responsibility is to work with you on identifying where you want to grow and holding you accountable to a plan to grow.

Note: Their job is to hold you accountable and guide you along the way.

Support and Guidance

Everyone deserves to have someone to go to for support when they are faced with challenges - good and bad - at work. From the ideation phase of a creative idea to managing a challenging client to getting out of a rut in your work, your mentor is available to help and support you.

Note: A mentor's role isn’t to do or edit your work.


Your mentor is up-to-date on most things happening at the company. They will keep you  updated on what’s going on at the company and is available to answer any questions you may have. Tell them what you like and don’t like about Ditto. Where things are going great and where they could improve. A mentor's job is to listen and relay any information to Trey and senior staff that can improve the company.

Note: We strive for transparency and want to make sure you have a voice in what’s happening.

Best Practices

From time boxing to pitch styles and from making a list to the strategy for a funding announcement, your mentor knows all of Ditto’s best practices. The advice they give you is 100% aligned with Ditto’s approach to work, and you should use them as a resource to better understand and internalize PR at Ditto.

The Ditto Culture

Ditto was founded in Brooklyn over a decade ago with a mission of building a better PR agency. We believe in a collaborative team environment, impactful results, and true partnership with our clients. 

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