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What is a Values-First Approach to Conscious Work?

Work Values

At Ditto, we work hard, fast and smart. While we collaborate to talk through issues and come up with new ideas, plans and strategies, employees also maintain a high-level of personal responsibility. This means each employee understands their role and responsibilities, expectations on accounts, and how to accomplish the work expected of them.

Employee Expectations

Smart. We are experts in our clients’ industries. And we become experts by proactively learning about a client and its industry.

Communication. We communicate to understand each other, to negotiate our differences to make decisions and coordinate our actions through mutual commitments.

Strategic. We provide smart, strategic communications counsel and plans to clients.

Results-focused. We deliver big, impactful results on an ongoing basis, executing on a short term and medium term plan of awareness.

Creative. We balance week-over-week results with creative thinking and smart ideas.

Unconditional responsibility. We understand our responsibility on an account, maintain that ownership without being reminded and do not use external circumstances as excuses for poor work.

Quality. We deliver high quality, on-time work—taking pride in our work.

Kind and Uplifting. We genuinely care about each other and want each other to succeed.

Relentless. We have a competitive nature that drives us to exceed expectations and motivates others to do the same.

Account Expectations

Each member understands what the client’s expectations are and what success looks like. Everyone knows their roles and responsibilities—and maintains those roles.

They understand what they need to do, how they need to do it and when it needs to be done.

  1. Assignments are clearly explained.

  2. Teams are impeccably organized.

  3. People work smart and fast.

  4. Teams recognize when something isn't working and adapt.

  5. There are short and mid term goals.

  6. Accounts stay focused but are also nimble.

The Ditto Culture

Ditto was founded in Brooklyn over a decade ago with a mission of building a better PR agency. We believe in a collaborative team environment, impactful results, and true partnership with our clients. 

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