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What is a Values-First Approach to Conscious Work?

Objectives and Key Results


As Ditto grows and matures, it’s important that we set realistic goals for accounts that align with the needs of our clients. Back in the day, clients looked at our work every month, and since the majority of the work was solely media relations, Ditto’s approach was very focused on smart and aggressive week-over-week pitching.

What has changed?: Clients and topics are more complex, the work is more robust, the expectations are higher and the account teams are bigger. As a result, Ditto’s approach to account success needs to factor in how to accomplish (and thus, balance) short-term and mid-term results. Oh, and we are afforded this opportunity because of the great work we have done and partnerships we have built with clients!

How we do this: “OKRs” stands for “Objectives and Key Results.” OKRs are an effective goal-setting and leadership tool for communicating what you want to accomplish and what milestones you’ll need to meet in order to accomplish it.

The OKR Formula

OKRs are typically written with an Objective at the top and 3 to 5 supporting Key Results below it.


An Objective is simply what is to be achieved, no more and no less. By definition, Objectives are significant, concrete, action-oriented, and (ideally) inspirational. When properly designed and deployed, they’re a vaccine against fuzzy thinking and ineffective execution.

Key Results—HOW?

Key Results benchmark and monitor how we get to the Objective. Effective KRs are specific and time-bound and aggressive yet realistic. Most of all, they are measurable and verifiable. You either meet a key result’s requirements or you don’t; there is no gray area, no room for doubt.

Things to consider in PR and at Ditto

  1. Role on Account—Based on the roles established, OKRs should align with each employee's account responsibilities.

  2. Scope and Client Expectations—Thinking beyond "scope," what would make the client happy?

  3. Alignment with PR Plan—Some OKRs support broader PR plans, while other OKRs are supported by the current PR plan.

  4. Resources and assets already available—From customers to data to announcements, what assets and resources do we have - or need - for Key Results?

  5. Creative vs tactical milestones—To achieve objectives, some KRs will require creative thinking while others may be more tactical.

  6. Personal goals vs account goals—Are there account OKRs that each team member can play a role in? Are there personal OKRs each person can set within the account?


Objective: Increase awareness around client announcements

  • Key Result 1: Develop relationships with 10 new reporters

  • Key Result 2: Increase stakeholder sharing online

  • Key Result 3: Execute a new, creative idea to amplify announcement

  • Key Result 4: Utilize 2 additional sources for every announcement

  • Key Result 5: Establish with client when the follow-up story based on announcement is possible, gather assets

Objective: Get client a feature in New York Times

  • KR 1: 5 reporters respond and show interest

  • KR 2: 4 story ideas that client provides necessary resources and assets

  • KR 3: Monthly smart idea to client on how they could get a feature

  • KR 4: 2 informational or expert sourcing interviews

Objective: Gain client more awareness at conferences

  • KR 1: 15 reporter meetings in Q1

  • KR 2: One private event at a conference

  • KR 3: Make news through POV or create news through announcements

  • KR 4: 30 people share the client’s post online

  • KR 5: 1 op-ed published right after each conference

Remember: Be ambitious, think beyond what your day-to-day work is but don’t over think it. We are setting goals and creating milestones to accomplish those goals. Take time to think deeply but don’t over think it.

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